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The Secret of Mauna Kea

The Secret of Mauna Kea

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The Secret of Mauna Kea


With the aim of achieving energy independence within 10 years, Beatrice and Werner moved from Switzerland to Hawaii. On the Big Island, the lab technician and the engineer show us how to make a world-class biological product: "Kona Coffee". A biogas generator called "Venus" contributes to a closed water and green waste cycle. In between, we visit a roastery in Kona and "Dr. Coffee" tells us what makes "Specialty Coffee" so special...

With "The Secret of Mauna Kea" we want to show that it is possible to produce one of the world's most favourite beverages in a sustainable manner: Specialty Coffee from Kona, Hawaii. But the secret is neither the coffee nor how it is produced. The actual secret of Mauna Kea is the people's lifestyle, that could function as a reference and directive for other sustainable cells around the globe.

Short Facts


Genre: Indie, Documentary


Runtime: 60 minutes

Shooting locations: Hawaii, Switzerland

German and English subtitles

World Premiere: Not published yet

Awards: Official Selection at the Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmake

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