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Leon Vogel, b. 1983,

Video Producer | Creative Director | Film and Video Editor

Based at the Lake of Constance, Switzerland


I am an Independent Video Producer, Film Editor and Creative Director. Spending a good time with inspirational people while being productive is what gets me up in the morning.

Born into an artist family in southern Germany- my mother is a goldsmith and my father a musician- I moved to Switzerland where I live and work together with Yumi, my partner, wife and co-producer.

Yumi was born and raised in "Tokyo Metropolis". Her Asian background contributes to  my personal journey and vice versa.

I focus my visual work on education, artists, craftmanship and sustainable projects: It's all about setting up healthy, fair and modern environments, where future generations are given an increased chance to contribute to the knowledge and solutions gathered by global active generations and implemented through science, arts and sustainability.

Favorite Filming Destinations

2022 Honululu, O'ahu

2021 Big Island, Hawai'i

2020 Zurich, Switzerland
2019  Frederiksted, Virgin Islands

2018  Kuroshima, Ryukyu

2018  Kuantan, Malaysia
2017  Kona, Hawaii
2015  Tokyo, Japan

2014  Lomé, Togo

2013  Malé, Maldives

2012  Nadi, Fiji

2011  Funafuti, Tuvalu

Contact me - 
lv² at europe dot com

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