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Ruedi Plattner's ANIMALS | Auf der Suche nach dem Schlüsseltier


The Thurgau animal filmmaker Ruedi Plattner invites you on a fascinating journey to the key animals in Scandinavia, the Arctic and Brazil. He encounters many different types of plants and animals, but also describes with a critical eye how we are constantly changing ecosystems, on which not only flora and fauna, but ultimately we humans ourselves are dependent.

Ruedi Plattner, born in 1952, lives in St. Margarethen, Thurgau; For more than 40 years he has presented his recordings from all over the world in films, television programs and lectures.

Short Facts


Genre: Dokumentary


Runtime: 80'

Shooting locations: Switzerland, Brazil, Finland, Svalbard

Language: ger

World Premiere: 15.09.2022

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