Obrobibini Peace Complex


For more Inner Peace

The World urgently needs a change of direction in the use of natural resources, otherwise climate change will lead to a dramatic change in our livelihoods in the coming decades. We need examples of how to live regeneratively, and training centres to teach this.

Obrobibini Peace Complex (OPC) pursues a holistic approach. They are building up a training centre in Ghana for sustainability to show solutions for global problems. This centre will serve as a reference point for locals for a sustainable life.

This nonprofit OPC project offers real methods to make a change. It is a scientifical proof of concept that sustainable agriculture, education and living are possible. It is lead by a scientist from Switzerland (ETH), Dr. Christian Andres. The project is also supported by international volunteers, amongst them many scientists and experts on agriculture. People in Ghana greatly benefit from this, they learn to be independent and live sustainably. They give them hope and a good life for many families.

OPC starts in Ghana and will teach other countries how to do it. Please contribute with donations or visit them in Ghana.

Yumi and I produced the videos above and refurbished their YouTube appearance to help OPC widen it's communicative platform. Don't hesitate to contact me or Kabasaiko if you want find new ways to intensify your own project's outreach.

Short Facts


- Founded in Switzerland in 2018

- First project: Busua, Ghana

- Website: http://obrobibini.org

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