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Kabasaiko, est. 2019,

Based at the Lake of Constance, Switzerland


Kabasaiko is a family business started by Biella & Jan Vogel and Yumi & Leon Vogel at the Lake of Constance in 2019.


We aim to offer video production, graphic and motion design, social media support as well as education and corporate communication seminars. Our customers are private individuals, artists, SME's, NGO's and educational institutions in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. The company aims to develop, produce and implement these products. As a complete package we provide our videos including animations, music, texts, subtitles and pictures.

For this purpose, Kabasaiko works with modern video technology and IT. The self-developed special products from Kabasaiko are manufactured in-house and sold together with the other products via the company. Due to the boom in new media and the increasingly popular social media platforms, there is a high sales potential for visual media, it's support and instruction.

Short Facts


- Est. 2019

- Located in Konstanz, Germany

- Over 500'000 YouTube Views

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